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Benjamin Sanz, drummer and composer has served, co-directed, recorded or is at the origin of many projects influenced by the musical currents of black American, African and contemporary European music. As a sideman he has played internationally with David Murray, Archie Shepp, Oliver Lake, Sabir Mateen, Joëlle Léandre, Mike Ladd, Napoleon Maddox and Iswhat, Roy Campbell, Bobby Few, Joe Fonda, Lobi Traore, Abdoulaye Traore and many others. He co-directed for ten years (2000/2010) the African jazz formation, Benkadi, with guitarist Hervé Samb. He has performed in many places in the United States, Europe and Africa, recording in groups ranging from rhythm-and-blues/hip-hop, with musicians such as Bruce Mack, Jared Nickerson, to contemporary music and creative jazz with Frederick Galiay, Joce Mienniel, Elsa Biston... For eight years, until 2014, Benjamin co-organized  a  laboratory  musical  at  The  Mirrors  at  Paris,  favoring  the exhibition  from different stages to a wide audience. He plays with musicians from different collectives such as Coax, Umlaut, Loo, 2035. The one he co-founded in 2014 in Paris, the MiRR collective, works on the relationship between improvisation within distinct musical aesthetics.


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